You were happy after receiving your remote energy care? Feel free to leave your testimony via the form at the bottom of this page! 

Click here to see all the testimonials posted on the French website. This list is not exhaustive.

Thank you for your trust and I wish you a nice and quick reconstruction and a good health.

Sincerely yours,



  • Stranger35

    Always skeptical with those kind of “care”, I heard Nathalie’s activity from mouth to ear. I tought that I have nothing to lose to give it a try (only my money).

    Given the pain I had and I described (huge back pain with difficulties to walk), I accepted. After a 1 day, the pain faded. I don’t have any scientific proofs for it but I don’t feel anymore my pain….

    Nathalie contacted me after and she detailed what was wrong. Was very helpful.

    Thank you Nathalie!

  • Ev

    Huge thanks to Nathalie for helping me out with my teeth problems but also for stopping my headaches and legs pains. Hopefully she can helps even more people like she did with me feeling better. x
    Ev (Australia)

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