Remote Energy care
For whom, why and how?



For who? For everybody, whatever your age. For the ones who feel the need to improve his/her sleep, serenity, remove the addictions, improve the trust in ourselves, decrease or remove the pain, depression, etc… It can be also to better leave the different steps of life teenage, wedding, maternity, divorce, death, dismissal or simply to recover energy.

I work ONLY ON THE PERSON WHO IS CONTACTING ME excepted on your kids if those are minor and hospitalized persons or heavy handicap. I can happen that I decline your appointment request. This means that I won’t be able to help you. In such case I don’t want to make you pay unnecessarily.

Why?  In order to ligten yourself and be autonomous the quickest as possible for you to fly on your own with all your abilities. To schematize my action I would compare our body to a car. The more a car is loaded, the more the wheels will collapse and the slower  your car will go and the more difficult it will be to drive. My method will help you in removing some weights in order for you to live your life freely and peacefully.

I’m not a doctor and the care will NEVER replace any medical treatment ; However the care can decrease the side effects of your medication.


How? I will need you to send me your photo by email as well as your last name first name and birth date. On the D day agreed together I will reach you by skype or messenger. On my dowsing dials I will ask my pendulum what is the origin of your pain. It can be either emotional: such as traumatism, fears, beliefs, energy centers(chakras) or physical such as infection, deficiency, meridians, infection, meridian, hormonal, allergy, etc…

“Ok fine” will you tell me “but concretly how do you proceed to cure somebody remotly?”

I work with Light being as well and ask them to indicate me on my dowsing dials via my pendulum the origin of your pain. It happens as well that I work with Archangels (who are linked to a Divinity such as the Light beings but not connected to any religions). Starting from that, my pendulum turns my pendulum turns around anticlockwise. It turns generally during many minutes in order to remove the origin of your pain.

After this and if necessary the pendulum can also turn clockwise to give some energy back to your body. The pendulum will slow down and once stopped, this will be the visible sign that this origin won’t make you trouble anymore and healed.

I don’t control the pendulum direction and only my intuition works linked to my spiritual guides and yours.

A pain has generally several origins. So I do once again the same process as upon on the other origins your body will authorize me to cure.

I sounds so crazy and simple that I would look like a stupid one if the results weren’t there 🙂 I let you have a look at the testimonials. Please revert to the french website (there are more in the French website as I leave in France and help people abroad for a very short time);

Those are not exhaustif and if you came to me there is no chance, just coincidences and meetings! 🙂

The thought power has no limit and this is why I can confirm you that I can help you even if you leave from miles away from France!


How many cares? At the end of the remote care I will be able to tell you how many cares would be profitable to you. However, you are the only judge of your emotional health, physical and psychological. You know better than anyone else what is the higest good for you.  Just trust yourself, your decision will be the right one. The session that we will do together won’t create any addiction or dependency.

The first care is here “to clean” your body in a first instance of what prevents him to receive the energy, lighten himself from his fears, stress and nervosity and bring him the combustible he needs for his hightes priorities. Intelligent, your body is doing for the hightest good for you 🙂

This is why several cares are often necessary to get your issue solved. In fact, your issue can be steeped for a very long time. Note as well that I cannot go quicker than your body authorizes me to 🙂 He has the right not to deliver me all his secrets during the first care. We can imagine that it is like “the tree which is hiding the forest”. A visible trouble can reveal some very deep and rooted origins. Therefore your healing speed will always be adapted to what your body.


Your results?  Each body is unique and reacts his own way however in general, those that I have helped generaly felt starting the first care a better sleep, energy recover and more serenity.

The energy sent will help you to better go through the stages that can be encountered throughout life: adolescence, wedding, motherhood preparation, separation, mourning, dismissal, addiction, depression or simply to find energy, a restful sleep, lighten or even remove your pains…

The session can complement a possible medical treatment to mitigate the side effects.


Contact me via the contact form letting me know the pains you want me to work on. As I already have an employed work on the office hours, I will reach you by email during the evening to agree on a dedicated day and time such as a “classic” appointment. My appointments are planned between 6:30PM and 9:00PM only. The remote care is confirmed only after reception of your payment.

During the remote care

I get in touch with you by Skype and you tell me if you have any additional queries during the remote care which last 1 hour.

What do you feel? During the session, you may not feel nothing special and that’s normal. If you feel a little bit “weird” (that is how people describe their state!) that’s normal too and momentary. The origins of your pains have been cleared and your body looks for his health new markers.

After the care

Each body is different however improvments are generally obtained several hours after or several days after the care on the physical, psychological, and emotional levels.

Care will ALWAYS bring you something 🙂 If you feel the intensity of the pain is still at the same level, it means that your body needed the energy somewhere else in priority and you will feel it.  We can work once again this pain in another session.

Energies will keep on working on you several days after the remote care and improvments will keep on appearing also. Think about drinking more water than usual.

The markers of your body have evolved and it may need a few days to get its own stability and digest the operating changes. It can go through a agitated sleep, or “strange” dreams or nauseas. If after the care your feelings are uncomfortable, just send me an email and I will do my best to reduce all of that.

After the treatment, your energies will circulate better and your body will then be able to benefit from its own resources.

Some examples of troubles that I could relieve
following my energy treatments:

Everyday life disorders:

Circulatory troubles
Digestive disorders
Energy (lack of)
Lyme (pain related to)
Muscle aches
Muscle tension
Skin troubles
Sleeping troubles
Etc …


Hyper emotivity
Lack of self-confidence
Public speaking
Etc …

My training:

After some studies in Internation trade and learnings in the personal development, I have been trained at Reiki* levels 1 and 2. My intuition has been developped on 2015 and the mean for me has been the pendulum. Very quickly i have been attracted by creating my dials.

At the very beginning very simple and now quite elaborated, my dials cover many areas (vitamins lack, emotional traumas, etc…). I use now only my own protocol and my pendulum to help people remotly (only). Always in research to give the best of myself, I make my dials evolute very often according to what i feel.

* Reiki means in Japanese “the strength of the mind” (literal translation: “energy of the mind”)

So …the floor is yours and lighten yourself 🙂 



No medical treatment should be modified without the consent of your doctor.

An energy feeling or remote care don’t replace any medical diagnosis.

Remote cares complete, emphasize the medical treatement efficiency and acceptance.

Feelings that I give to you commit only myself, keep your free will 🙂