Nathalie Chauvel, who am I? 🙂

Based in Rennes, France and with international trades studies, I have been working in France and abroad as export assistant, facilities manager, procurement manager and now am office manager. Still people centric, my different positions have always had several commonalities: communication and people well-being.

In 2015 I started to practice the pendulum. I had indeed noticed that its “answers” were consistent and I was amazed. More and more oriented to personal development I have been trained on Reiki certification level 1 and 2.

I have immediatly tested the “thinking power” on my kids and my husband and the results have very quickly exceeded my expectations! How amazing and great we feel not to be powerless anymore with our kids 🙂 !!

I have been convinced that the thought is so powerful that there are “somewhere” “invisible trenghts or energies” that can help us. My intuition pushed me to create my first dowsing dials early 2018 ; My sister in law Joëlle was suffering of Lyme disease for 5 years, and despite consulting many different specialists,  as she was leaving 3 hours driving from me I have offered her my support with remote cares “just” with using my thoughts to cure her, my pendulum and dowsing dials. Joëlle felt way better in a few remote cares and this is precisly at this moment that I understood that the intention to help is much more powerful than the distance between us! You can see her different testimonials in the testimonial french tab here.

I take this opportunity to precise that it is out of question for me to deny or criticize the conventional medicine and its progresses. It is extremely useful and inescapable during certain moment of life. Soul and body make one, both technics are working wonderfully well together.

Incredulous, I wanted to expand this testers circle beyond my family to check if emotional feelings and family relationship would affect my care. That is why friends and colleagues volunteered, saying I guess “it would be surprising that it works, but I don’t risk anything, let’s her waste her time! At worst it will not work ans Nathalie would have spent some time for nothing!” Results just as dazzling! Here you go now you know how my “healer talents” appeared to me.

Since early 2019 I improve regularly my dowsing dials and train myself continusly in order to fine-tune my feelings and help better those who will ask for my support. Finally in peace with myself, I found my place and feel useful and “do good to others”.

I take this opportunity to thank Joëlle, Valérie, Rozenn, Magali and Pierre for their knowledge.  Thanks as well to my friends, family and colleagues who trusted me from the beginning of this great human adventure.

I wish you all a beautiful light in your life and lighten-yourself!


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“Nothing is accomplished in this world without passion” Hegel




No medical treatment should be modified without the consent of your doctor.

An energy feeling or remote care don’t replace any medical diagnosis.

Remote cares complete, emphasize the medical treatement efficiency and acceptance.

Feelings that I give to you commit only myself, keep your free will 🙂